【Official】Pokémon Special Music Video 「GOTCHA!」 | Roblox Song ID

Roblox Code Updated on March 31, 2022

【Official】Pokémon Special Music Video 「GOTCHA!」 | Roblox Song ID

Below, you will see the Roblox music code for the song: 【Official】Pokémon Special Music Video 「GOTCHA!」 | Roblox Song ID. Copy and paste the Roblox code (Song ID) into your favorite game to listen to it. Use the ‘Search’ box on this page to search for more Roblox songs .

Click on ‘Copy Code’ to copy to clipboard.

Is this Roblox Song ID code working?


Yes, the last time we checked, this Roblox song ID code worked.

Roblox Song ID (Music Code).

How you play music in a Roblox game depends on the game. If it has a free radio or boombox, then use that. Most Roblox games have radio available only to players who have purchased a gamepass . To play the Roblox song on this page, Copy(Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) the Roblox audio ID code above into the game area that says “sound id”, “song code”, or “music id”, and hit play. .

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