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This how you play Roblox on the Roblox webpage, without downloading the Roblox game. This method is great for playing Roblox online on school chromebooks, library computers or other laptops that don’t belong to you, or on laptops that might have blocked the Roblox website and game downloads.

Play Roblox Online at

The most popular ‘Roblox Unblocked’ website for Roblox is found at is a mobile cloud-based website that allows you to play Roblox online in your internet browser.

  1. To play Roblox unblocked at either your school or at work, without having to download the Roblox game, is easy: Open you internet browser and go to from your school chromebook, your cell phone phone or from any other computer.
  2. The exact website url that you need to navigate to is
  3. Once on this page, click on the ‘Play in Browser’ button.
  4. Then, log in with your Roblox username and password.

You will now be able to play your favorite Roblox games online while at shcool, at work or at the library. You do not have to download the game to the school PC or to your mobile phone. The website simply streams the Roblox games via cloud to your computer or mobile phone.

If you are uncomfortable with sharing your Roblox username and password with the platform, you can simply create a new Roblox account once on the Roblox page.

The are some of the unblocked Roblox games, that you can play online:

  • Adopt Me!
  • Jailbreak
  • Piggy
  • Welcome to Bloxburg
  • Royale High
  • Tower of Hell
  • Anime Fighting Simulator
  • MeepCity
  • Brookhaven RP
now gg roblox - Play roblox
Click on ‘Play in Browser’ and enter your account details.

About Roblox.

The Roblox server is using a proxy, so that your school’s firewall cannot figure out you are trying to open a blacklisted domain, such as These proxies can be very slow. In that case, you can use a VPN instead, as they offer better speed.

Note: Roblox can be played online at Roblox, and NOT at Roblox (common mistake).

For more on how to play Roblox online with a VPN, please see our Roblox Unblocked article.

For a visual help on how to play Roblox online at (on a school Chromebook), please watch this video:

How to Play Roblox Online – Alternative Method.

Another way to play Roblox online is by visiting:

We have not tested this method, so be careful. If you are not comfortable with entering your password, then don’t do it:

  1. Visit in your browser.
  2. Click on the white arrow or on the ‘Run’ button.
  3. Wait for the file packages to finish loading, as they are important for the browser. It takes about 1 minute.
  4. Enter your username and password.

Article: Roblox/Roblox – Play Roblox Online – 2022-2023.

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