How to Get Free Robux Easy


How to Get Free Robux for Roblox.

One of the core goals when playing Roblox is to purchase upgrades and other amenities through the use of a digital currency known as Robux. However, this is often easier said than done. From modifying avatars to upgrading abilities and everything in between, Robux are essential. It therefore makes sense that players are always on the lookout for how to get free Robux.

Another possible issue involves the fact that membership to the Builder’s Club now requires a paid subscription. This has all but eliminated the possibility of obtaining free Robux without dipping into your wallet. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to obtain this currency when playing with your friends on a smart device. Let’s take a quick look at some useful tips and tricks.

How to Get Free Robux Easy – Methods.

Robux is a type of currency which can be used to perform a variety of tasks. These include acquiring clothing, upgrading accessories and changing the aesthetics of the game. The only possible issue is that those who wish to access these possibilities will normally be required to spend physical cash. Having said this, there are a handful of powerful strategies to consider.

Create Bespoke Games and Generate Passes.

One common method is to create free passes which can be handed out to other players. This will entitle you to complimentary Robux. These types of passes allow players to access special features of your game. Examples include hidden levels, permanent power-ups or avatars not available to others. Of course, it is first necessary to design a unique Roblox game. You can then choose the “Add a Game Pass for Sale” option and select the appropriate price.

However, please note that any Robux that are earned will remain pending within your account for a total of three days before they can be subsequently accessed.

Sell E-clothing with the Help of a Roblox Membership.

There are many benefits associated with a Roblox membership and one of these involves the ability to sell items related to avatars. Shirts and trousers are two typical examples. Assuming that your membership is already confirmed, it will then be necessary to craft the desired garments. If you are unfamiliar with this process, be sure to check out the Wiki article outlining avatar shirts and pants. Here are the final steps:

  • Find the “create” icon found within the blue bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select either t-shirts, shirts or pants from the left drop-down menu.
  • Highlight the gear icon next to the image that you wish to market.
  • Click “configure” followed by “sales”.
  • When redirected to the sales section, select the “item for sale” option.
  • Enter the desired amount in Robux.
  • Save and exit.

This is yet another Robux generator to consider; particularly if you enjoy designing and marketing these types of items to fellow players.

The Roblox Builder’s Club Membership Programme.

We already mentioned the notion of a Roblox membership and it is wise to take a closer look at the associated benefits. Becoming a member of the Builder’s Club is arguably one of the best ways to avoid spending physical cash. However, it should also be pointed out that members will need to devote a considerable amount of time and energy. These efforts will eventually pay off, as monthly rewards increase on a regular basis and these can then be used to obtain additional Robux. Let’s also remember that those who confirm their membership within the Builder’s Club will be provided with a monthly stipend of this digital currency.

The Power of Rewards Websites and Cash Apps.

Making money and obtaining Robux are two peas within the same pod. In other words, many popular cash-back and rewards-oriented websites can also be leveraged to obtain additional Robux. While the exact method will vary, the fundamentals tend to be the same.

Players are normally required to download a smartphone application or to visit the site and to create a verified profile. These confirmed members can then perform simple tasks (such as completing online surveys or playing short games) in order to generate Robux. Note that in many cases, there are no limits in regard to the amount of Robux that can be earned. Here are some popular portals to examine in greater detail:

  • SwagBucks
  • InboxDollars
  • LifePoints

We should still note that Roblox has claimed that some of these apps may not function properly. As a result, you may inadvertently become banned. Take this into account when employing this method. Some lesser-known sites might also trick players into divulging their personal details or redirect you to a malicious link. The ultimate goal is to access your Roblox account and to steal all of your items. Here are some tips to avoid these situations:

  • Never enter your password anywhere other than the official Roblox login page.
  • Do not share this password or any proprietary information with other users.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious or unknown links.

As we can see, a bit of caution will certainly go a long way!

Free Giveaways.

The good news is that you can access a host of giveaways which will enable you to earn extra Robux without having to spend a penny. The key takeaway point here is to search for these options on reputable websites such as Facebook, Twitch or YouTube. Participation is straightforward and it is always possible to be rewarded with a wide array of freebies.

Robux Promo Codes.

Promotional codes are yet another option at your disposal. Make it a point to search online for these opportunities on a regular basis. It is often possible to encounter these free redeemable codes with the help of well-known Roblox portals and affiliate websites. These platforms provide frequent updates and they can be redeemed within a short period of time.

There are likewise a number of promotional codes which have been released by the official Roblox company. While rewards are generally limited to a single Robux or a free item, they are still worth a closer look. Be sure to check out the list of these codes on this website.

Rewards Points from Microsoft.

Note that this next strategy is only valid if you are located in the United States. Players will first need to navigate to the official Microsoft Rewards site and register for a free account. This provides them with the ability to earn Robux as well as other types of rewards. First-time members will also be provided with 100 free Robux, if you use the Edge browser for 5 days, in the US. We should likewise mention that Robux game developers who are active Microsoft Rewards members can use this opportunity to sell Roblox passes as well as other game-related items.

The official Microsoft Rewards Robux page can be found here:

Free Robux Gift Cards.

Players can obtain free Robux to be used within their personal sandbox by confirming and redeeming gift cards via well-known platforms such as Amazon. Referral programmes and giveaway links associated with social media platforms including Facebook and Twitch are yet additional options. Be sure to visit trade-in stores (those allowing you to sell older items) to discover which items can be redeemed after receiving a gift card. The amount of Robux offered will naturally vary.

On a final note, you can search eBay or visit These portals provide discounts of up to 80 per cent when purchasing Robux.

how to get free robux
You can easily find discounted Robux Gift Cards to buy, if you look. For example, you can usually buy a 25$ Robux Gift Card for 17$ at,,,, or, which means that you will get up to 8$ worth of Robux for free. Try for even greater discounts.

Robux Generator Software Packages.

These virtual Robux generators will often claim to help users earn an unlimited amount of Robux. Many sites will not require a membership or a human verification test. In the past, such third-party platforms have partnered with Roblox developers and they are legally permitted to offer these services.

However, most of these websites have since been blocked by the official Roblox company. It is therefore wise to only use those with solid reputations and which have existed for long periods of time. At the time that this article was written, no such sites existed. Some may also represent nothing more than elaborate scams, so it is best to avoid such methods.

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Watch this Video on How to Get Free Robux.

While you are here, check out this video for the Top 5 methods on how to earn free Robux.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there any such thing as a Robux generator?

The simple answer is no. In the event that you encounter a portal or software bundle which claims different, it is likely to represent nothing more than a scam. This should be immediately reported via the Roblox abuse system.

How can I get free Robux with no human verification?

Most Robux Generators will ask you for verification, which is just a method to get your account details and password. Don’t fall for it. Instead, try some of the methods on this page, for example by signing up for Microsoft Rewards.

Is it possible to earn free Robux?

Yes, there are several ways to earn free Robux, primarily through creating content, but also by signing up for Microsoft Rewards. Be aware, that Robux are only provided by the official Roblox company.

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